Professional-grade commercial website with advanced user interaction capabilities and personalisation, based on modern web design approaches and smart mobile device compliance

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a business, company or organization without their presence on the Internet. The exponential growth of the Internet and the accessibility to it has changed the way companies operate. The exploitation of opportunities and tools offered by the Internet constitute the key to the survival of a modern business, which is obliged to meet the ever-increasing customer demands for high quality services offered through the Internet. The Internet offers a new, fast and easy means of communication and exchange, between companies and customers. A company’s website plays a key role in the presentation of its business. The website is the “façade” of a company on the web. It is the means through which a company presents itself and its services. Apart from presenting its services through its website, a business can also offer its service.
Aim of this work was to design and implement an online system for a car sales/service company using contemporary web technologies and approaches and employing advanced functionalities. The added-value functionality of arranging and managing appointments for a car service is the innovative aspect of this project and special emphasis was given to the description of its implementation and operation.