Motion detection for surveillance using a webcam and OpenCV

MOTION DETECTION FOR SURVEILLANCE USING A WEBCAM AND OPENCV The daily life of modern humans has changed dramatically due to the rapid development of technology. Humans, in their daily activities are acting under the limitation of time and space. As technology improves, these restrictions are diminished or even eliminated. This has a significant impact on … Read more

Analysis of color images for CBIR applications

ANALYSIS OF COLOR IMAGES FOR CBIR APPLICATIONS This work focuses on the content-based retrieval of two-dimensional static color images. The aim was to develop a methodology and a descriptor for color images based on the recognition of global characteristics of the images that will not be affected by rotation and scaling. The descriptor could be … Read more

Real time image processing applications for recognition/identification of persons in smart mobile devices

REAL TIME IMAGE PROCESSING APPLICATIONS FOR RECOGNITION/IDENTIFICATION OF PERSONS IN SMART MOBILE DEVICES In this thesis techniques for developing applications for smart mobile devices running on Android OS were analyzed and described. Furthermore the biometric technology of recognition/identification of persons using optical sensors through realtime image processing has been studied. These techniques have been practically … Read more

Face recognition using a web camera and OpenCV

FACE RECOGNITION USING A WEB CAMERA AND OPENCV In recent years, more and more applications require the identification of a person along with the need for using methods of certification that will not require remembering complicated passwords or carrying magnetic cards, identification cards or other identification documents. The use of biometric methods of identification based … Read more